No matter what kind of assets you manage, the bottlenecks of field management remain the same. Whether you handle pipelines, power substations, or client-facing assets, software can dramatically improve communication, task execution, accuracy, and analysis in the field. Rapid and responsive feedback from workers coupled with administrative oversight means whenever issues arise, coordinating a solution is efficient, fast, and simple.

Every entrepreneur has two aims: firstly, optimal usage of resources and secondly, high customer satisfaction. If both of these are in sync, a business bears the desired fruits and yields profit. In order to serve the above, many softwares have surfaced in the market today. The field service management software is one such software. Mentioned below are the 10 benefits of employing the use of Field Service Management Software.

  1. Improved Scheduling and More Informed Decisions

When you provide mobile services or you have to complete your work order, then it becomes essential to keep a track record of your workforce and resources. When you have complete information about your available resources, you can easily schedule your next operation. It will help you get a more accurate decision which will further save your time and money.

2. Enhance Communication Among Your Field Technicians

Today, everyone uses smartphones and this technology has proved out to be the boon for many industries. You can install and operate softwares from your mobile phones. Also, it provides you with a platform where you and your whole technicians will get detailed information about their location.

3. Improve Your Sale Process

When you use the right software to manage your workforce and business, it allows you to reach your customers’ doors on time. By this, you will get an opportunity to gain the trust of your customers

4. Enhanced Professionalism

The incorporation of a field service management software gives a professional edge over competitors. It works as an effective tool that can store all your business-related information in one central database. This facility enables each and every employee to access the data at any point so as to prevent any hampering of work. A digitized platform with the service engineer enhances the user experience and instils a sense of faith in them.

5. Better Resource optimization

Apart from enhancing the productivity of the on-field workers, it enables better utilization of the on-field resources. Let us understand this with the help of an example. For example, Mr. Scott is supposed to render a service in Sector 4, block M. On arrival, his geo-coordinates are captured and the senior is made aware of the current location and job status. If another service request is received within the area, the manager can identify the distance of Mr. Scott from the service request and assign the new job; saving on cost and time.

6. Real time visibility

The use of a field service management software allows you to provides validation of the operational output with reference to the job status, the actual time of arrival, time taken to complete a task etc.

7. Improved Customer Satisfaction

With the use of a field service management software, one has the capability to respond faster to the customer requests. The customer is also given an option to track the service engineer and kept in the loop about ETAs, delays etc. By addressing customer requests with increased responsiveness, an organization goes beyond customer satisfaction.

8. Quicker Invoicing

Invoicing is one of the most important and, at the same time, the most frustrating part of a field service company. In some cases, it can take weeks to assess the work done while all data are collected and calculated manually.

Using a Field Service Management software, technicians can immediately send all job information captures from the field such as spent time, used parts and materials, the electronic signature of a client, and photos of job results. Also, Field Service Management software will automatically calculate the price, taking into account warranties, special pricing conditions, and discounts.

9. More Accurate Task Matching

Using field service application allows assigning specialists to tasks more precisely according to their matching skills. Thus, you will increase the chances that the right specialists are sent to the right place. Also, having a client base and client history allows for assigning a specialist to the client whom he/she already knows, allowing the technician to grasp the problem more quickly (preventing misdiagnosis) and better prepare for the order (making sure they have all the necessary tools, parts, materials, etc., with them).

10. Keeping A Knowledge Base and Client History

Having a consolidated database with all your clients and order history information, as well as technical instructions, is a treasure for any company. If an employee leaves, gets sick or retires, there will be no harm to the working process as another employee will be able to substitute for him/her as all previous job history is saved.

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