The increasing demand for servicing a variety of manufacturer’s equipment has presented new challenges for companies specializing in repair and maintenance of elevators, escalators and moving walkways. Organizations that are able to overcome this obstacle, while also providing instantaneous access to site repair history and to a technical database, can ensure fast, superior service.

Moreover, improving the accuracy of dispatched information and monitoring call closeouts, in addition to field personnel efficiency, have a direct impact on corporate liability, consumer safety, satisfaction and profitability.

Repair CRM field service software provides elevator technicians with the ability to easily manage the service workflow process from receipt of an incoming call to satisfactory closeout of the work request. With Repair CRM mobile software technicians arrive on site equipped with the most accurate information and the required instruments to diagnose and repair problems immediately.

The benefits of incorporating Field Service Management Software such as Repair CRM in your Elevator Maintenance Company are numerous. They include;

  • Smart Scheduling

Schedulers can save time and make smarter dispatching decisions when they are connected to the service history, status, and geo-location of their technicians. With complete visibility of the calendar, it takes seconds to figure out who’s available, then schedule, dispatch, and alert a technician to a job. And since many service organizations take and schedule dozens of calls per day, even saving five seconds per call adds up to thousands of dollars per year.

  • Improved Elevator Inventory Management

Track and manage inventory. Keep track of quantities, pricing, and purchasing history of inventory items. Knowing the elevator device service history, equipment type, and problem beforehand gives the technician the opportunity to have the parts and tools ready in advance of the job. Manage alerts, escalations, and workflows to ensure parts are where they need to be: with the right technician at the right time so your operations run smoothly and services are performed promptly.

  • Easy Mobility in the Field

With the click of a button, elevator technicians can set their position as on route, the job started or job complete. Their time is automatically synced to the back office making payroll a breeze. With mobile capabilities such as time sheet input based on clock-in/clock-out, task status and more, tedious and error-prone time entries are eliminated opening up time for additional work while freeing field professionals from administrative chores.

  • Work Order Management

Repair CRM automatically creates a work order from the completed quote and it serves as a data collection point for all materials, time and related costs. Manage work order profitability up to the minute with variance calculations against an estimate, allocate labour costs across departments, and update the work order in real-time from a mobile device.

  • Easy Access to Work History & Documentation

With quick access to a complete history of each component in the company’s knowledge base, field technicians use Repair CRM mobile application to quickly search for required models and part numbers, or access customer SLAs. As a result, Repair CRM enables technicians to complete more work on the first call than ever before, thereby increasing first-call fix rates.

Whether you are managing maintenance for hundreds of elevators, Repair CRM gives you the tools and information your company needs to stay organized, connected, and in control of your contractual responsibilities. Contact us for more information.