Waste oil products are created at every stage of the oil exploration and production cycle, from exploration to abandonment. All of these wastes have the potential to harm the environment and impact worker health if they are not properly contained, managed, or disposed.

The philosophy of “reduce, reuse and recycle” before disposal is as applicable to oil and gas industry waste as it is to our own household waste. This is an area where scientific advancement and innovation in the field service management have the potential to transform the way producers deal with their waste.

Recovering valuable fractions from all types of oil waste doesn’t just reduce the environmental impact of drilling and fracturing. It also opens up valuable new revenue streams, in many cases offsetting the economic cost of meeting and exceeding regulatory standards for environmental protection.

Once all of the useful materials have been recovered, the remaining unusable waste must still be disposed of in a way that doesn’t put the environment to risk. Over the years, a variety of waste oil-disposal options have been used: discharging liquids into the ocean, and dealing with solid wastes through surface impoundment, land application, or land filling.

Customer experience is crucial even in the waste oil industry and there are dozens (if not hundreds) of competitors within the industry especially in field service. As a result, how will a consumer or client truly decide which field service operation to go with? A field service management tool such as Repair CRM is essentially the most effective way to guarantee a streamlined customer experience between your back office, your management, your field technicians, and your customers. Below are ways waste oil companies can benefit from integrating Repair CRM Field Service Management software within their work process.

  1. Gain Real-Time Insight into Your Field Operations

The cloud-based Repair CRM software is comprised of integrated modules built around the way you work and run your business. Included with each of these modules is the Real-Time Dashboard, which provides daily visibility into your field operations and the health of your business.

Repair CRM platform is fully mobile, can operate in both online and offline mode, and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It integrates into your existing ERP or accounting system to improve the flow of information and reduce costly delays caused by human errors.

2. Manage and Track Company Assets

Know where your equipment is located, its condition, and when its due for maintenance with our Equipment module. Assign and track virtually all company assets, from simple items to complex, multi-item equipment including those used in flowback packages or drilling and service rigs. Repair CRM helps you to improve tracking, maintenance, certifications of your equipment, reminders for collection and disposal of waste oil, GPS tracking of equipment, toolboxes, and tools

3. Manage Contacts and Your Sales Pipeline

A simple CRM system like Repair CRM gives your team a way to create and maintain contact records, track sales opportunities, and provide forecast information to management. Easily view and manage sales pipeline and improve forecasting, manage contacts, leads, opportunities, and quotes. You can easily approve and sign quotes immediately from a mobile device.

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