First-Time Fix is one of the most frequently measured key performance indicators (KPI) used by Field Service Organizations (FSOs). It is a very powerful metric to track. This KPI measures the percentage of times field service engineers (FSEs) are dispatched to a customer site and have the skills and parts with them to resolve the issue on the first visit. It is a powerful metric because it provides an indication of the FSO’s financial and operational health. In this sense, it is like the DNA of field service.

Why is a High First-Time Fix Rate Important?

First Time Fix Rate is a measure of service quality and customer satisfaction. Resolving an issue the first time demonstrates to the customer that they are dealing with a quality organization. As a result, FSOs that deliver quality service will typically have higher customer satisfaction ratings than those that do not.

Secondly, FTF impacts revenue because customers are less likely to renew service contracts or purchase additional services if they are unhappy with the quality of service they are already receiving.

Finally, FTF provides a measurement of field service productivity. FSOs that experience high FTF are more productive.

How to Improve your First-Time Fix Rate

  1. Training

The purpose of training is not necessarily to tell a technician how to do a specific task, although that is certainly a large part of most programs.

The most effective training will not only illustrate how to perform, but it will also go the distance to explain the functionality of the tools. Training must prepare technicians to adapt to situations they encounter in the field.

At the end of the day, while mobile tools help to relieve some of the need for technician expertise, investing in training for remote employees tend to return dividends as the technology is used more creatively.

2. Smart Scheduling

A commonly cited reason for not fixing a problem the first time is because the technician does not have the right equipment or skill set. In fact, parts unavailability was by far the most cited complaint by customers, as reported by 51% of field service executives.

The scheduling functionality in a field service management solution enables your organization to identify the technician that has the correct equipment and skills to make the repair the first time. An intelligent scheduling solution considers all available resources and qualified skills before booking the appointment.

By making sure that the right field employee is sent to the right place at the right time, with the right tools and equipment, productivity will improve with greater first-time fix rates. Not to mention, customers will have a better experience.

3 .Take Advantage of Repair-CRM Software

When business is booming, it can be nearly impossible to get a technician who has the right set of skills to the job site. Service centers, however, can overcome this dilemma by using an appropriate mobile software solution.

By using a mobile solution like Repair CRM, field technicians are able to troubleshoot problems in real time with experts in their back office or with their peers in the field via video conferencing technology.

This ability to communicate information ‘visually’ greatly expedites resolution by allowing techs to show-not just ‘describe’-the root of the problem, to an expert. In today’s world, there is no more room for miscommunication or for waiting on an email, results are needed immediately.


First-time fix rate is crucial for customer experience — after all, who wants to deal with a second, third, or even fourth visit around a broken machine that’s costing the company money? Making sure you have a plan and metrics around first-time fix rate is a great way to begin to tackle the idea of delivering good customer experience, which is a major factor in overall field service these days.

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