With increasing demand for better quality service and an absolute minimum of equipment downtime, predictive service is set to become a benchmark of quality in the field service industry in 2019. Instead of fixing things when they break, customers are expecting companies to fix things before they break.

The Internet of Things, or IoT, makes predictive service possible. It consists of any device capable of connecting to the internet, aka ‘smart objects. This includes many assets maintained by field service engineers, which could be coffee machines

Smart objects have sensors capable of predicting when they will break down. Technology research firm Gartner suggests that field service companies adjust their business models to take full advantage of this ability, and design their service contracts to match. They’ll also need FSM software capable of receiving telemetry from smart objects, like Repair CRM.

A classic example of Coffee company incorporating the use of Field Service management software in its activities is Espresso Service Ltd. In 2015, Espresso Service Ltd woke up and smelled ‘connected’ coffee. They applied a cloud-based field service management software to improve its service to customers. Espresso Service manages and maintains all types and brands of coffee machines via a nationwide network of engineers.

The system which they are now using is a SaaS (a software distribution model where a third-party provider hosts application and makes them available to customers online). According to Daniel Sewell, Chief Operating Officer for Espresso Service, “On average 5,000 pieces of information are transmitted each day to the Field Service Management system. This ability to monitor equipment remotely has not just revolutionized the way Espresso Service operates; it’s also improved the performance of our customers.

Currently, Espresso Service uses the full suite of resources available which includes: Call control, customer assets, parts center, remote engineer access and remote customer access. Just like Espresso, Coffee Machine Companies around the world are fast incorporating the use of field service management software in automating their work flow. The following are some of the major benefits Coffee machine companies stands to gain from using FSM softwares;

  1. Better Communications and Team Work Between Technicians and Back Office

No one likes to be required to constantly check in with their office or have their office checking up on them. With mobile devices, automatic status updates can be easily sent when a job is marked done, when snags are occurring, or when drive times are taking longer than expected. Open communication between all team members can also let techs tap into each other for knowledge. If needed, techs can also quickly locate a supervisor or call in extra help.

2. Technicians are Empowered with the Information They Need to Perform at Their Best

Mobile solutions give technicians everything they need to do their jobs correctly: service manuals, customers’ service histories, inventory levels, and the ability to order spare parts. First-time fix rates rise, as technicians feel empowered by their ability to do their jobs quickly and well.

A service technician at Cald’oro, the Austrian maker of high-end coffee machines, named Daniel Reichert says: “I am much faster in creating service orders or in finding spare parts. I can see at a glance what my colleague did during his last visit, from what work he carried out on the machine to what the problem was. Everything is just much faster. You can see right away what part was changed during the last service or which item was damaged and when. It allows me to narrow down the errors in no time.”

3. Accurate data on time spent

Field Service Management Softwares just like Repair CRM makes it easy to calculate the amount of time spent on per job, per day, per engineer, per customer, per region is all accessible at the touch of a button. True profitability based on various criteria can now be viewed, and where relevant customers can be billed for the correct time and parts.

4. Stock management

The Repair CRM system allows for tracking of parts, both in the warehouse and in each engineer’s van. The primary objective of the scheduling tool is to get the right engineer to the right place at the right time with the right kit.

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