Switching to a Field Service Software has never been easier

Implementing a New Software to your company can be challenging. Especially in the Field Service industry, where most of the guys are not keen on technology – to say the least.

Forcing them to switch from paper to Digital needs some tricks. It is important to show them only the benefits, not the extra work they need to do.
After they get used to the idea and see how much easier it is, they will be more willing to start using a mobile app, but not on day 1.

The magic is implementing the software Step-By-Step. Switching suddenly and forcing them to change their habits can easily backfire.

Alright, but HOW can we Start?
We have figured out an implementation workaround!

Most of our users run into these 3 main roadblocks:

  • Training the technicians is challenging
  • Importing the Client list to the software is difficult
  • Importing Inventory & Assets from previous Excels is difficult

Instead of focusing on these tasks first, start with the easier part for a Quick Win:

1. Start with Online Booking

Online Booking for service companies

Online Booking for service companies

 The easiest way to start using a Field Service Software is to start with Online Booking.

  • This works even if you don’t have a website – you can easily switch this feature in Repair-CRM – it’s included!
  • Share the link of your Online Booking on Facebook and Yelp – and on your website if you have one.
  • Instead of importing your client list, let them enter their Data into your software and populate the client & asset list!
  • Start receiving new Job Requests instantly!

You will receive new appointments right away, all you need to do is Assign it to a technician and proceed!
The only person who needs to work with this is the one doing the Dispatching.

They need to confirm the appointment and Drag&Drop it into the calendar and Assign it to a technician.

  • Reduces the volume of your incoming calls
  • Your customers are used to online forms (Booking.com, Uber), they prefer Online Booking over phone calls!
  • Give them a way to book whenever they want to
  • They can easily attach a photo describing their problem to clarify it.

2. Automated Customer Notifications


Impress your Customers First

Field Service app notification

Field Service app notification

  • Automated Customer Notifications
    Lets them know exactly when your technician will arrive – remind them in the morning
  • They can provide feedback, to cancel the appointment if something came up
    So that your customer won’t go to an empty house
  • Collect Feedback when the Job is finished
    Clients can rate the technicians from 1 ⭐-   5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Field Service app reviews

Field Service app reviews


3.Technician Daily notifications

Instead of forcing your technicians to use the Mobil APP right away, send them notifications through email only.

This way they will see their Daily Schedule in their Inbox which is already a pretty big improvement.

  • They will see where they need to go – with one click navigation in Google Maps
  • They will get the contact info of the Customer if they need to call them
  • They even get the important additional comments (which door is it, beware of the dog, etc)
  • The process is a fully automated
Field Service app notifications

Field Service app notifications

Plans from $19 / month

You can start using the software with as many technician as you want to, you only pay for the users who actually use the software.
Basically, you can start with One user from $19 / month.

Later, when they are used to the software, they can start using our MobilAPP too.

They will be able to add Photos to a Job, Collect signatures and much more …

Field Service app electronic signatures

Field Service app electronic signatures

To get Started, click here to Start your Free Trial:

Field Service Software Trial

Field Service Software Trial