We are excited to announce that our Dispatching function got a new interface, based on the feedback we’ve got from our users.

Our developers keep improving Repair-CRM and we have introduced several important updates to the APP this week.

Here is a quick look into the new features:

New Dispatching Interface

  • The calendar look got more interactive and more easy to use. The color codes got a new legend to show which color is which technician or Job status.
  • The left panel shows the most important overview of the selected job: client name, address, time and description. Use the Edit Job button to add more info to the Job
  • The “New Job” button brings up a quick-add window to easily add a new job as quickly as possible.

Job Management

  • Introducing our most requested feature: the MULTI-DAY jobs. Many contractors work on a job that takes multiple days to finish: install a new HVAC system, install a new CCTV system or complete a plumbing job that can span over multiple days. Just create one Job for it, and from within you can create multiple Sub-Tasks to different dates that show up in the calendar too.
  • When using Asset management for clients you can now select within a Job which Asset (Machine, HVAC unit, etc) needs to be attended, repaired. Multiple Assets can be selected if multiple repairs are needed. Each repair job can have a different state (finished, needs part, offline, you can edit these states)

Online Booking portal

  • 24/7 available public portal for your clients to create Job Requests which are directly coming into the System to be Reviewed and scheduled by the Dispatching team.

Street View for Client Address

  • Small tweak but quite handy to actually see the picture of the house right at the client address

All these features are included in our standard pricing: $25 / user / month.

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