To kick off our “Essentials” Series, we have hand picked a few HVAC website templates for WordPress.

This is the easiest way to start a website, to start from a template. For those who are not familiar with WordPress, we will have an even simpler solution on the next episode.

When we mean HVAC website, we really mean any other trade too. This works for plumbers, landscapers too, but we will provide specific examples for them too next time.

If you start creating your own website, look for a template with customizable options.

The minimum pages we recommend for your new site:

  • Home page
  • Services
  • About Us
  • Service Area
  • Testimonials
  • Contact us
  • Request Service

If you are just starting up, you can leave Testimonials and Request Service for later.

Just make sure that all pages our properly filled up.

Top 3 Simple HVAC Website Templates

1. Johnny Go – $75

As Funny as it sounds, this is our best pick

HVAC Website

Top 3 simple hvac website templates for 2020

The reason why we like this template is because it has template for each trade: Plumbing, Pest Control & Electricians.

This is a Responsive Template meaning it will look nice on Mobile devices too.

Highly customizable with footers, booking an appointment and pricing list.

The best part is that there is an All-In-One Website, kind of done-for you option at checkout, but it is very easy to set it up by yourself too.

2. Propello – $75

Simple, minimalistic design

Top 3 HVAC Website Templates

Modern design with multiple layout options.

Easy add new testimonials as you grow your business.

The minimalistic layout makes it easy to read – no fancy speak, just the facts.

This is also responsive to look nice on mobile.

3. Speedy Fix – $75

A more traditional look

Top 3 HVAC Website Templates Speedyfix

Top 3 HVAC Website Templates Speedyfix

This is more of a general template for a more traditional look.

Some people prefer the standard layout without the new whistles, which makes it a good choice if it speaks to your customers.

Easy to understand – easy to navigate.

Remember, the goal here is to build trust and get them to call you for an appointment!


There are many choices to make your HVAC website, even too many choices.

This is my we hand picked these 3 templates – it’s a good start.


Let us know what other trades templates we should look for!