New Features in Repair-CRM


Repair-CRM received some update both on all platforms.

If you haven’t already, check out the WebAPP here for the Backoffice, the Android APP and the IOS App.


Some of the most important new features are:

  • Custom fields can be added to Clients, Assets & Jobs too.
    This can be a client code, an Asset Counter or an Internal Note, “Further work needed” note  for a Job.
    Check out this short video about Custom field here:



  • GPS Tracking / Live Map of Technicians
    Mobile APPs had to be redesigned for Android and Apple regulations for employee tracking.
    Now technicians can consent to share the GPS location which can be followed in the Office:


  • Time Tracking at the Job site

    Technician can use the Mobile APP to Start a Timer at the Job site to record how much time was spent exactly at a Job.

    They can pause / Continue the timer multiple time if they wanna exclude Lunch time, for example.


  • Quickly call up Clients or send a Message using the Mobile APP:
    Open a scheduled Job and quickly navigate to them or give them a quick call:


  • Online Booking portal got awesome new functions:
    Automated customer identification through PIN code from e-mail lets your customer select from the Assets from the system.
    Customer portal HUB for your clients to list all previous work orders:



Login to Repair-CRM and try out these new features!

We have extended all previous trials for December!