As we continue to evolve Repair-CRM with your operational success in mind, we're thrilled to bring to light our latest suite of features. These enhancements are tailored to refine your workflow, enrich data management, and elevate the service quality you deliver.

🚀 Enhanced Mobile Application – For Both iOS & Android
Dive into our newly updated mobile application, designed to capture the printed name on work orders and access detailed service histories for the assets you manage. This update is invaluable for technicians specializing in printer, garage door, or HVAC repairs, providing immediate access to previous faults and service records.

🔗 QuickBooks Integration Just Got Better
Our improved QuickBooks integration now automatically fills out the Memo field on invoices with crucial job-specific details, from inspection levels to coolant measurements. This seamless transfer of information ensures your invoices are detailed, accurate, and reflective of the work undertaken.

🇲🇽 A Warm Welcome to Our Mexican Clients
We've introduced an automatic 1.25% TAX retention deduction feature for our Mexican clients, simplifying tax handling and compliance directly on work orders.

🌐 Introducing Parent & Child Clients for Organized Client Management
In a significant stride towards enhanced client organization, we're excited to introduce the concept of parent and child clients. This feature is a game-changer for businesses managing large clients with multiple locations or assets. Divide and conquer by setting up child clients under a single parent client for a streamlined, organized view of all transactions and assets. This addition is perfect for large chains or companies with numerous locations, allowing for easy location searches, specific location history reviews, and child-location asset management.

It is also great for property managers!

Your Insights Propel Us Forward
Your feedback is the cornerstone of our innovation. These features are a testament to our commitment to continuously enhance Repair-CRM based on your insights and the evolving needs of the repair industry.